Student Code of Conduct

GaTutor believes that the online tutoring environment is an appropriate setting for all students. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to support this concept by developing, through reasonable and consistent practices, appropriate student behavior patterns. Those behaviors and disciplinary actions set forth in the Code are designed to serve as learning experiences for students. 

The Student Code of Conduct includes those behaviors having disciplinary actions and/or intervention strategies that shall be carried out by the tutor, GaTutor administrators, and/or the student’s local school. The Code of Conduct applies to conduct during tutoring sessions and/or any form of communication, whether written or oral. 

Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct is expected of all students.  

The Student Is Expected to: 

  • Behave in a respectful, responsible, and safe manner 

  • Abide by expectations, guidelines, rules, and regulations established by GaTutor 

  • Participate actively in tutoring sessions 

  • Hold him or herself to a high standard of academic effort and achievement. 

Behavioral Expectations: 

Students in a "virtual building" need to follow certain rules. As a GaTutor student, you must conduct yourself with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Students are expected to maintain appropriate and respectful behaviors during all tutoring sessions. Communication with GaTutor staff should never be damaging, abusive, offensive, or contain inappropriate words or topics of conversation. All tutoring sessions must adhere to school appropriate topics and should never be obscene, lewd, profane, offensive, indecent, sexually specific, or pornographic. 

The following acts will not be tolerated: 

  • Computer crimes 

  • Damaging computer programs 

  • Hacking 

  • Constructing viruses 

  • Introducing viruses into a system 

  • Copying programs 

  • Misuse of communication tools such as email or synchronous chat tool 

  • Accessing, sending, creating, or posting material or communication that is damaging; abusive; obscene, lewd, profane, offensive, indecent, sexually explicit, or pornographic; threatening or demeaning to another person 

  • Harassing and/or bullying. 

  • Falsifying, misrepresenting, omitting or erroneously reporting information regarding instances of alleged inappropriate behavior by any GaTutor employee toward a student.  

Plagiarism| Cheating 

Within the GaTutor program, it is imperative to address instances of academic dishonesty, particularly plagiarism and cheating. GaTutors play an essential role in fostering a culture of academic integrity. Tutors are expected to make students aware of the significance of upholding academic honesty in all situations.  

Tutors are responsible for dissuading students from engaging in any form of academic misconduct or plagiarism. Furthermore, tutors are encouraged to offer guidance and support in response to students' academic requirements. However, tutors must abstain from completing assignments on behalf of students, thereby preventing the submission of work under false pretenses. 

Academic Integrity 

The GaTutor program places a high value on academic integrity. Students participating in the program are expected to uphold this fundamental principle. Tutoring sessions are designed to provide valuable support and guidance to enhance learning experiences. The following policy outlines the appropriate and responsible use of tutoring services: 

Purpose of Tutoring Sessions: 

Tutoring sessions within the GaTutor program are intended to serve as a platform for assisting students in various aspects of their academic journey, including: 

  • Concept Understanding: Clarifying concepts that students find challenging. 

  • Example Problems: Practicing example problems to reinforce comprehension. 

  • Confusion Resolution: Aiding students who are confused or struggling. 

  • Difficult Material Review: Reviewing and discussing difficult course materials. 

  • Resource Recommendations: Offering suggestions and resources to aid independent learning. 

Limits of Tutoring Assistance: 

It is important to note that tutoring sessions are not intended to substitute for individual effort and learning. Tutors are not authorized to complete assignments, projects, or any form of coursework on behalf of students. Therefore: 

  • No Completion of Work: Tutors will not complete assignments, projects, or coursework for students. 

  • Students are expected to adhere to the directions provided by their respective teachers for assignments and coursework. Tutors will not revise or assist in completing assignments in ways that deviate from the teacher's expectations. 

  • Honest Engagement: Students are expected to engage in tutoring sessions honestly, seeking guidance to enhance their understanding and skills. 

  • Course Alignment: Students must use tutoring services to align with the objectives and expectations of their courses. 

  • Independent Effort: Students should take responsibility for their learning, using tutoring sessions to supplement their efforts and not as a replacement for individual work. 

By adhering to these guidelines, students contribute to a culture of academic integrity, ensuring that their learning experiences remain genuine and aligned with their educational goals. The GaTutor program will support student learning needs while fostering a strong foundation of personal responsibility and integrity. 

Student Discipline 

The GaTutor program is dedicated to maintaining a respectful and productive learning environment for all participants. Upholding the code of conduct and academic integrity policy is of utmost importance to ensure the program's success. In cases where students fail to adhere to these standards, the following consequences will apply: 

  1. Notification to Parent/Guardian: Any student found in violation of the code of conduct during online tutoring sessions will prompt an immediate notification to their parent or guardian. This communication serves as an opportunity to address the issue collaboratively and facilitate understanding of the importance of respectful conduct. 

  1. Notification to Local School: Instances of inappropriate behavior or violations will be reported to the student's local school administration. This step aims to promote consistency in addressing behavioral standards and fostering a coordinated approach to student conduct. 

  1. Disciplinary Action from Local School System: The local school system reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with its policies and procedures. Consequences may include disciplinary interventions or sanctions deemed suitable to address the behavior and encourage a positive change. 

  1. Ineligibility for GaTutor Program: Students who persistently violate the code of conduct, despite prior interventions, may face the consequence of being ineligible for using the GaTutor program. This measure aims to ensure that the program remains a constructive and supportive learning environment for all participants.